Emmanuelle Vaugier Joins Uwe Boll’s Far Cry

A little while ago, when posting about how Uwe Boll was auctioning off a role in his upcoming videogame-to-movie “Far Cry”, I mentioned that I loved playing the game. That’s true. I just don’t recall what the plot was. All I remember was that I was this guy who ran around an island shooting really big holes in people with spectacular bullet squib effects exploding all the over the place. Basically, it was great fun. Anyhoo, in a recent interview with IGN, Uwe Boll mentioned that besides fellow German guy Til Schweiger starring in “Far Cry”, the female lead will be assayed by the gorgeous Emmanuelle Vaugier.

For those, like me, who don’t really remember what the plot of the game was, here’s a quick refresher on the movie version:

Til Schweiger (King Arthur) stars in the role of the charismatic ex-elite soldier Jack Carver, Emmanuelle Vaugier (Blonde & Blonder, CSI:NY) will play reporter Valerie Cardinal and Craig Fairbrass (The Bank Job) has been cast as Parker.

Udo Kier (Grindhouse, Blade, BloodRayne) will reign as the evil and arrogant Dr. Krieger, the obsessive madman behind many mysteries and deadly secrets of the Krieger Corporation and its creature. Natalia Avelon, Ralf Moeller, Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers), Michael Eklund, Don Davis, Jay Brazeau and Chris Coppola (Postal) round out the cast.

Okay, now I remember. You ran around an island (sometimes you drove jeeps and fast-go boats, as I recall) and shoot people as well as creatures. I think.

Anyways, it was a fun game, and I’m sure the movie will suck major ass, as Uwe Boll’s movies invariably do. (By the by, how much do you love that great picture of Uwe Boll giving the thumbs up? I can’t get enough of that picture!)

But anyways. Emmanuelle Vaugier? YOW.

Emmanuelle Vaugier Joins Uwe Boll