Emperor Motion Pictures Preps The Great Magician and The Viral Factor

Tony Leung Chiu-wai (“Lust, Caution”) has teamed up with Hong Kong director Derek Yee for the period actioner “The Great Magician”, a $15 million dollar film (huge by Hong Kong standards) that is part of Emperor Motion Pictures’ five-film line-up for 2011. Leung will play “a master illusionist in the 1900s who gets the girl and saves his country with his magic tricks.” Now that’s some magic trick!

“The Great Magician” is the third collaboration between Leung and Yee. The film will co-star the gorgeous Zhou Xun (below), as the female lead I would imagine, with and the always fantastic Ching Wan Lau providing able support.

Another Emperor film to keep an eye on is Dante Lam’s “The Viral Factor”, a $17 million dollar picture “about a super virus that takes place around the world.” Well, if it’s gonna go around the world, it best be super, am I right? Ahem.

“Factor” will star Jay Chou (fresh off “The Green Hornet”), Hong Kong favorite Nicholas Tse (“Bodyguards and Assassins”) and asskicking badass Andy On (“True Legend”, among many other asskicking badass movies), with planned shoots in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Jordan.

Look for both titles by the end of 2011. Since both titles are pretty much up our alley, we will of course be keeping an eye on both.