Encapsulated Cinema Explores Captain America’s Storied Cinematic Past

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Captain America (1979)

Director Rod Holcomb’s 1979 made-for-television adaptation of “Captain America” was seemingly crafted to appeal directly to kids who were obsessed with the stunt-related exploits of Evel Knievel. Instead of growing up during World War II, Steve Rogers is a child of the 70’s, a former soldier who’s just looking to cruise around the nation in search of a little peace and quiet. However, his plans soon take a turn for the worse when he’s injected with a “super steroid” that, in addition to saving his life, gives him incredible powers. After donning an admittedly goofy-looking costume, our hero sets out to fight an assortment of crime. Did I mention that his van can launch a snazzy little motorcycle out of the back whenever there’s trouble? “Captain America” was the first of two motion pictures that aired on the CBS network back in 1979. The whole thing is as goofy and unintentionally delightful as it sounds, particularly since the script only borrows select elements from the source material. Reb Brown doesn’t make for a very convincing Steve Rogers, and his stint as Captain America leaves a bit to be desired. However, if taken purely at face value, Holcomb’s dodgy endeavor is actually quite a bit of fun. As long as you don’t take it too seriously, of course. Purists, on the other hand, will hate it with a passion.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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    Man, and I thought my memory of the tv movies were bad (saw em on video) but looking at the pics just made them worse. The 90s one by Lbert Pyun was slightly better but not much. I remember actually seeing the teaser for it in theatres with the shield flying at the viewer. Thank you Joe Johnston for doing it right!