Encapsulated Cinema One-Shot: James Cullen Bressack’s Hate Crime

Hate Crime (2012) Movie Image

In the market to punish yourself with insanely graphic depictions of cruelty, humiliation, and violence? Director James Cullen Bressack has just the flick for you. The indie filmmaker’s latest effort, 2012’s “Hate Crime,” is an all-out assault on your senses. The film explores what happens when a group of depraved, blood-thirsty thugs breaks into a suburban family’s home during a birthday party. What ensues is nothing short of sickening, and will require quite a bit of fortitude and willpower to survive. Making it all the way through “Hate Crime” in one sitting is a daunting task, and will certainly challenge those who think they’ve seen everything the exploitation genre has to offer. Per Bressack’s request, specifics details about the characters and their respective fates have been removed from this article, as the director would like everyone to feel just as revolted as I was during my private screening of this film. For those brave enough to venture down this cinematic path, do yourself a favor: Watch it by yourself. Experiencing this beast of a horror flick with friends and/or family is only going to make everyone uncomfortable. Besides, if you decide to pause the film to puke your guts into a nearby wastebasket, no one will be around to point and laugh at you. “Hate Crime” can only be recommended to individuals who enjoy punishing themselves with realistic torture and violence. “August Underground” fans will surely delight in the mayhem presented in James Cullen Bressack’s stomach-churning endeavors. Do, however, approach this flick with extreme caution. Please do not claim that I didn’t warn you beforehand.