Ender’s Game Sequel in Doubt, But a TV Series is Under Consideration for Some Reason

Ender's Game (2013) Movie Mondo PosterI have to admit, as much as I loved Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” (the book, not the movie — I haven’t found the time to actually see the movie yet), I never read the sequels. Once I finished the book (way, way, WAY back in the day) and realized it had sequels, I looked up the synopsis, and they just didn’t appeal to me. I dunno, I liked to imagine my own fate for Ender Wiggin.

As for the fate of Ender Wiggin in Gavin Hood’s big-budget adaptation, the film opened in first place with $27 million, which is respectable, but probably not what Lionsgate expected when they sunk $110 million into the film’s production. Best case scenario, the movie would need to make $220 million just to start earning a profit. (It’s currently made $41 million worldwide so far.)

Which probably explains why Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer is iffy on a sequel to “Ender’s Game”, telling reporters that the studio wants to “wait another week or two” before they make a decision.

Basically, they want to see if the movie has legs, or if everyone who wanted to see the film has already seen it the first week. After $27 million in the first week, it’s doubtful the film will improve. It will probably fall pretty hard in the second week, which makes the odds of a sequel very unlikely.

Curiously, Feltheimer also says that the company is pondering a potential TV series spin-off based on “Ender’s Game”, which is a bit odd. If the movie didn’t even make enough to justify a sequel, how does it justify a spin-off TV series?

I have no idea. But then again, I’m not a big-time CEO of a film studio, so what do I know.

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Via : Variety