English Subtitled Trailer for Guillem Morales’ Creepy Horror Flick Julia’s Eyes

Guillermo del Toro has become quite the producer these days. It would seem that every other genre flick that’s barreling towards cinematic success has his name stamped somewhere in the credits, which, of course, isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. In fact, del Toro’s name is almost like a filter: if he’s somehow involved in the production, there’s a very good chance the movie will be worth your while. As such, director Guillem Morales’ “Julia’s Eyes” has nearly jumped to the top of my “must-see” list, thanks in part to the English subtitled trailer proved by Shock Till You Drop.

Would you like to know more? Here’s the synopsis:

Julia returns to Bellevue with her husband to visit her sister Sarah, who is near blind due to a degenerative illness for which she has unsuccessfully undergone surgery. When they arrive, Julia finds that Sarah has taken her own life and none of her mysterious neighbors seem to be all that surprised. Julia has to confront not only the loss of her sister, but also the loss of all hope halting her own impending blindness, as she suffers from the same illness and would appear to be destined for the same end as her sister.

“Julia’s Eyes” is scheduled to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, so if you’re one of the lucky boys and girls who will be in attendance, be sure to check it out. The rest of us, however, will have to make do with the trailer embedded below.