English-Subtitled Trailer for That REC 3 Genesis Trailer

Leticia Dolera in REC 3 Genesis (2012) Movie Image

If you’re one of those people who said, “Man, I really like that latest “REC 3” trailer, but it’s in Spanish, and I ain’t no understandin’ no Spanish!” Well, you’re in luck, backwoods Redneck buddy, because here’s a new, English-subtitled version of that same trailer. Mind you, not that it really enlightens you all that much, but you do get to understand what they’re saying in the, oh, 4 or 5 scenes where people actually speak in the trailer.

I especially like it when the dude with the camera tries to justify still recording, but the other guy just yanks it out of his hand. I suspect that’s where the film transitions from the camera POV gimmick to the traditional narrative approach.

“Genesis” stars Leticia Dolera, Javier Botet and Diego Martín, and is due out in Spain March 30, 2012.

Via : Bloody-Disgusting