English Trailer for Bruce Lee, My Brother Shows off its Fists of Fury

What, there are still things about Bruce Lee’s life that we don’t know about yet? Apparently so, and this new take on the kung fu legend happens to be based on the memoir by Alex Lee, Bruce Lee’s brother, so you expect it to shed some light into the man, the legend, the asskicker that we haven’t known about. Maybe. The film stars Aarif Lee as Lee (no relations — at least, I don’t think there is), and co-stars Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Christy Chung as his parents, with Alex Man, Siu-Fai Cheung and Kar Lok Chin rounding out the cast.

“Bruce Lee” (aka “Bruce Lee, My Brother”) purports to tell more of the family life of Bruce Lee, though judging by the English-subtitled trailer, that leaves plenty of room for Bruce Lee to deliver some asskicking to some dudes throughout the movie. They all had it coming, we’re sure.

“Bruce Lee” hits Chinese theaters November 25, which just happens to be two days before what would have been Lee’s 70th birthday. Coincidence? Probably not.