English Trailer, Poster for Benny Chan’s Mutant Actioner City Under Siege

Whenever someone uses the phrase “city under siege” around me, the first thing I think of is the “Police Academy” sequel of the same name. Yes, I’m pathetic. Benny Chan’s “City Under Siege”, on the other hand, is a far cry from this shoddy follow-up to one of the goofiest American comedy franchises ever created, which is most definitely a good thing. The film — an action-packed tale of bank-robbing mutants — is beyond crazy, which is precisely what I’m excited. Granted, I’m not a big supporter of Chan’s work, but this one just looks too insane to pass up. The icing on this potentially delicious cinematic cake: Shu Qi. The film is scheduled to invade Hong Kong theaters on August 12th, so make sure to plan your holidays accordingly.

Many thanks to Twitch for the trailer.