Englished Subtitled Teaser and a Lengthy Synopsis for Yoo Ha’s Howling

I’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on this one, and the more I read about the more excited I become. Thankfully, since my ability to understand the Korean language leaves a bit to be desired, someone has bestowed an English-subtitled trailer upon the masses, which, you know, definitely makes the whole thing easier to understand. Additionally, there’s also a lengthy new synopsis to pour over should you decide to do so.

Speaking of which, here it is:

Veteran detective Sang-gil and beat cop Eun-yeong are in charge of a case that seems to involve a simple act of self-immolation. Sang-gil initially thinks that it was an accident, but dog bite marks discovered on the body lead him to believe that someone had terrorized and murdered the victim.

With Sang-gil working secretly and hoping for a promotion, he and Eun-yeong investigate the source of the drugs found in the body and discover the victim had been pimping out young girls. At the same time, another murder involving a wolf-dog crossbreed occurs, revealing teeth marks similar to the one’s on previous victim’s body. The two cases are labeled serial killings. With a connection between the victims uncovered, Sang-gil and Eun-yeong track down a potential witness.

While questioning her, one of the mysterious dogs strikes out of the blue, killing the witness and stunning the cops. Though they don’t realize it yet, integral to the case is retired police dog trainer Myeong-ho, living with his drug addict daughter and still training dogs. It’s not long before the detectives find a link between the dead men, Myeong-ho, and his daughter’s tragic circumstances. As it turns out, there’s one more victim yet to come, part of a grand scheme of revenge that sees Sang-gil and Eun-yeong tracking one of Myeong-ho’s killer dogs as it strives to complete its mission.

“Howling”, which stars Lee Na-young, Song Kang-ho, and Jang In-ho, opens in South Korea on February 9th, 2012. When you’re ready, take a quick peek at the trailer below.

Via : Film Smash