Epic Trailer and Images for the Taiwanese War Film Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seedig Bale (2011) Movie Image

The $25 million dollar Taiwanese epic war flick “Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge: Seediq Bale” (not to be confused with the album title by Molly Hatchet, natch) is getting quite the push beyond its native Taiwan. It’s nabbed a producing/presented by credit from John Woo, and will be the country’s entry into the 2012 Oscars’ Best Foreign Film category. Of course, it’ll have to beat out about 3 billion other films to win the golden baldie (give or take 3 or so billion). In case it doesn’t, though, feel free to keep an eye on the film as it gears up for International release. The original was released domestically as a two-part movie, totaling over four and a half hours, but an International cut of the film runs just two and a half hours. That latter version, I suspect, is what we’ll get if the film does eventually arrive Stateside.

During the Japanese rule of Taiwan since 1895, the Seediq nation of Taiwanese aborigines were forced to lose their own culture and give up their faith. Men were subject to harsh labor and kept from traditional hunting; whereas women had to serve the Japanese policemen and their families by doing the household work and giving up their traditional weaving work. Above all, they were forbidden to tattoo their faces. And these tattoos were seen as the Seediq’s traditional belief to transform themselves into Seediq Bale (“real men”). Mona Rudao, the protagonist, witnessed the repression by the Japanese over a period of 30 years.

Starring Masanobu Andô, Umin Boya and Chi-Wei Cheng. The film was written and directed by Te-Sheng Wei, who apparently spent years trying to get it made.

Look for it Stateside … soon?

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