Eric Roberts Goes Head-to-Head with SyFy’s Sharktopus

While everyone else is freaking out about the latest images from the upcoming “Green Lantern” flick starring Ryan Reynolds, yours truly is systematically deciphering the trailer for the Roger Corman-produced SyFy original “Sharktopus”. The plot: A creature with the head of a shark and the body of an octopus is mindlessly munching on beach-goers when it should be combating Somali pirates. To make matters worse, cult icon Eric Roberts might be responsible for the whole debacle. Fans of absolutely terrible movies will have absolutely no problems embracing this one, especially once they catch sight of the titular beast chowing down on an unsuspecting bungee jumper. Now that’s quality cinema!

“Sharktopus” does not have a release date, but as soon as one finds its way online, you’ll be among the very first to know about it. Rest easy, dear readers.