Erica Durance Would Have Made a Pretty Decent Looking Wonder Woman

Erica Durance in Smallville TV SeriesOr at least, she would have fit into that costume that David E. Kelley had Adrianne Palicki wearing for the canceled NBC show. You remember, this one? Or you could just look at the pictures below, featuring Erica Durance (aka Lois Lane from “Smallville”) wearing that same Wonder Woman costume that Palicki was wearing in the pilot episode of the (late) rebooted “Wonder Woman”. Or at least, one of the many costumes she apparently went through before the show got shafted.

These are actually images from the NBC show “Harry’s Law”, a lawyer show from David E. Kelley. Cause gosh, there isn’t nearly enough lawyer shows on TV right now. What’s next, David, more Doctor and cop shows? Yeah, those haven’t been done before either. (But I digress…)

In the episode, Durance plays a (hot) lunatic who thinks she’s Wonder Woman. So she wears this costume and goes out and fight crime. Or something. Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to watch this show anyway, but don’t let that stop you from fulfilling your Erica Durance-as-Wonder Woman fantasies from these two pics.

Erica Durance as Wonder Woman in Harry's Law TV Series

Erica Durance as Wonder Woman in Harry's Law TV Series

Via : TVLine