Escape from New York Remake Update: Gerard Butler Out, Jonathan Mostow In

Stick a fork in it, the “Escape from New York” remake is done. Well, probably done. It could still get made, but at this point, that is doubtful. The latest news is that the film’s directorial carnival continues, with Len Wiseman and Brett Ratner now out, and now Jonathan Mostow brought in as a screenwriter and possible director. And now, the biggest blow: Gerard Butler, who has been attached to the remake since forever, has left the project over that famous excuse, “creative differences”. But don’t cry for Butler; at last count, the dude has, what, 50 other films going in 2007 and 2008.


Right after his turn as the Spartan in “300,” Butler made a deal to play Snake Plissken in a film bought at auction by New Line. He left for creative differences. New Line is persevering: studio has brought Jonathan Mostow in to rewrite, with an option to direct.

Butler just began production on Lakeshore’s “Game,” which Lionsgate will distribute. He’ll next be seen starring in the Richard LaGravanese-directed “P.S., I Love You,” the Guy Ritchie-directed “Rock N Rolla,” and Fox-Walden’s “Nim’s Island.”

So, stick a fork in “Escape from New York” the remake? Maybe. It sure as heck ain’t lookin’ too good, which, for all those who hated the idea of a remake in the first place, should be good news.

Who’s next?

Escape from New York Remake