Escape to Zombie Island in Dead Season Trailer

Okay, so maybe the island isn’t exactly full of zombies, but there are zombies, there is an island, and there is escaping going on, so technically the headline is sorta correct, if a tad misleading. Anyways, check out the debut trailer for Adam Deyoe’s new zombie flick “Dead Season”, which looks visually excellent, and the story certainly looks intense. I’d have liked to see more zombie happenings, but apparently this is one of those stories where, yeah, the zombie apocalypse sucks, but it’s the humans you should really be worried about.

A year after the civilized world has fallen into chaos, Elvis and Tweeter hope to increase their chances of survival by fleeing to what they think is an abandoned island. Upon arriving, they are forced to join a new community and live by rules that require them to make tough decisions.

Starring James C. Burns, Scott Peat, Marissa Merrill, Corsica Wilson, and directed by Adam Deyoe.

Find more about the film at its official site.