Ethan Hawke and Malin Akerman Assigned to The Numbers Station

Ethan Hawke was already on board as star and producer, and now “Watchmen’s” finest crimefighter of them all Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre herself) has signed on to co-star alongside him in the CIA action thriller “The Numbers Station”.

“Station” would star Hawke as a disgraced black ops agent who is tasked with the dead-end job of protecting a young woman (Akerman) in the middle of the Nevada desert. Sounds like a pretty thankless task to me. Plus, it’s really, really hot over there.

But since this isn’t some indie drama co-starring Julie Delpy, where snappy banter is the order of the day, bad guys eventually show up and try to off our main characters, forcing them to fight back and, presumably, go on the run. Conspiracies, one would imagine, is eventually uncovered.

I’m just guessing, of course, but that’s usually how these type of movies work.

The film will mark the Hollywood debut of Denmark’s Kasper Barfoed (“The Candidate”), who will be directing from a script by first timer F. Scott Frazier. Look for it in 2011.