Ethan Hawke Discovers a Sinister Trailer

Ethan Hawke in Sinister (2012) Movie Image

Despite boasting that it’s from “the producer of” the “Paranormal Activity” films, the new Ethan Hawke horror flick “Sinister” is definitely not a Found Footage film. Which, yes, we can thank our lucky stars, because the film actually looks pretty good. Unfortunately the trailer gives away a couple of really nifty sequences that would have scared the hell out of people in a darken movie theater. Oh well, hopefully there’ll be more goodies that haven’t been revealed yet. One can only hope, right?

SINISTER is a frightening new thriller from the producer of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films, and the director of THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE. Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror.

“Sinister” stars Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Clare Foley, James Ransone, Fred Dalton Thompson, Michael Hall D’Addario, and Juliet Rylance.

The film is directed by Scott Derrickson, who is most known nowadays for “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, but he also did a little-known direct-to-DVD “Hellraiser” sequel called “Inferno” a decade ago with Craig Sheffer that was pretty good.

Things get sinister October 5, 2012.