Eva Green Auditioning for Justice League?

The latest Justice League casting rumor (aren’t there like 10 of these things a month nowadays?) has former Bond girl Eva Green auditioning for a role in the upcoming epic comic book movie. Or is she? Word from Australian site news.com.au is that Green was recently in Australia (where the film is currently being prep to shoot) auditioning for a role — but which role?


It’s bonjour Sydney for Bond girl Eva Green, who has jetted into the Harbour city to add some potential big-screen sparkle to Australian director George Miller’s Christmas.

According to film industry insiders, the French femme fatale is in town to audition for Miller’s upcoming blockbuster Justice League of America, to be shot at Fox Studios next year.

Well that’s pretty much it.

So if true, what role would she be auditioning for? Wonder Woman? Wasn’t that role already taken by Aussie Megan Gale? Gale has the body for the role, but Green doesn’t. She’s too small to be playing an Amazon Princess.

Then what other major female roles is there to audition for? Color me green with confusion.