Eva Mendes has Dangerous Curves

Say what you will about Eva Mendes (she’s a pretty face, she can’t really act, she has nice cleavage), but the woman is working, and maybe in a world full of Keanu Reeves and Paul Walkers, I guess we really shouldn’t begrudge the girls their Jessica Albas and yes, their Eva Mendes. Having said that, Eva Mendes will be screaming and running (and God willing, getting wet or get her clothes mostly torn off, or perhaps a combination of both) in a new thriller called “Curve”, described by The Hollywood Reporter as, “a woman’s struggle to survive when she finds herself at the mercy of a psychopathic killer after taking a detour into the backwoods of a remote area just outside of New York.” Yes, I’m definitely thinking wet or torn shirt here.

“Curve” was written by Jamie Vanderbilt (“Basic”), but no director is attached yet. Mendes’ previous films include “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Ghost Rider”.