Eva Mendes Joins Frank Miller’s The Spirit

Frank Miller’s “The Spirit” (which actually goes by the full title of “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” in honor of the character’s creator) nabs another Hollywood starlet in its web — this time it’s Eva Mendes, who joins the cast, which already includes heavyweights Scarlett Johansson (as a femme fatale) and Samuel L. Jackson (as the heavy). And of course, Gabriel Macht as The Spirit, a cop who fakes his own death and is “reborn” as the Spirit to fight crime. The film, which has been gathering a lot of steam lately (not least of which was the announcement of Johansson’s casting) will begin shooting in October in New Mexico’s Albuquerque Studios.

This isn’t Eva Mendes’ first foray into comic book movies. She was the busty female lead in “Ghost Rider” with Nicolas Cage, and there are rumors she’s being wooed for the live-action version of a possible “She-Hulk” movie.

There is no word on Eva’s character in “The Spirit”, but since Scarlett Johansson has already nabbed the femme fatale (and one presumes, slightly villainous) role, Eva must once again be playing the female love interest. Hey, she does it well, so why not?

Eva Mendes Joins Frank Miller