Evan Almighty Tops Weak U.S. Box Office

I’m really not sure why everyone expected so much from the Steve Carrell comedy “Evan Almighty”, the sorta sequel to the Jim Carrey laugher “Bruce Almighty”, about an Everyman who is given Godlike powers by a (black) God played by Morgan Freeman (in both films). For the life of me, I don’t “get” why “Evan Almighty” was allowed to go hog wild with a reported $175 million budget, basically making it the most expensive comedy ever made. Okay, so it has Steve Carrell, but is he REALLY as popular as the studios think? To wit: “Evan Almighty’s” first week’s result, $32.1 million is not bad, giving “Evan” the top spot, but when taken in light of its budget — well, it ain’t all that “mighty”, let’s just say.

Meanwhile, the Stephen King horror “1408” did better than expected, coming in second place with $20.2 million, making it a record both for a movie based on a Stephen King story, and a starring turn by John Cusack. Which kind of surprised me. John Cusack, as affable and popular as he is, has NEVER opened a movie higher than $20.2 million? Shocking.

Coming in at #3 was “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”, which made just over $20 million in its second week. Wow, a two-spot drop in one week? Methinks word is getting out that “Silver Surfer” blows the big chunks. In 10 days of release, the film has made just $97.6 million, much much MUCH lower than the expected $140 million, and much less than the original, which cleared north of $150 million in its first 10 days.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie’s “A Mighty Heart” earned a paltry $4 million, landing at #10 in its opening week. Which is yet another reminder that while most people love hearing about Jolie’s personal life, and guys like to think we can “hit” that nice ass, no one has ever said to themselves, “I have to see that Angelina Jolie movie!” Unless, of course, Brad is also in it.

The rest of the weekend box office breaks down as such (weekend take and total take in parenthesis):

1 Evan Almighty $32,112,000 ($32,112,000)
2 1408 $20,175,000 ($20,175,0008)
3 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer $20,150,000 ($97,604,000)
4 Ocean’s Thirteen $11,345,000 ($91,013,000)
5 Knocked Up $10,636,000 ($108,982,000)
6 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End $7,215,000 ($287,015,000)
7 Surf’s Up $6,700,000 ($47,313,000)
8 Shrek the Third $5,754,000 ($307,908,000)
9 Nancy Drew $4,505,000 ($16,193,000)
10 A Mighty Heart $4,006,000 ($4,006,000)