Even More Behind-the-Scenes Imagery from Universal Soldier: A New Dimension

From the looks of things, writer/director John Hyams’ upcoming action extravaganza “Universal Soldier: A New Dimension” is shaping up quite nicely. The addition of Scott Adkins, plus the return of Michael Jai White, suggests that Hyams and company are looking to overload all of your tender senses with a barrage of sci-fi tomfoolery. Below are a few new pics from the set of the film, as well as an interview with Dolph Lundgren, who gives eager fans a bit of juicy info regarding some of the film’s numerous fight sequences. I suppose it goes without saying that I’m extremely excited for “A New Dimension” to hit retail shelves, which will probably happy next year. That’s just a less-than-educated guess on my part, so whatever you do, don’t quote me.

Source: Official Facebook Page