Even More Freaky CCTV Footage from the South Korean Thriller Deranged

Deranged (2012) Movie Viral CCTV

The Stateside release of director Park Jung-Woo’s potentially freaky little thriller “Deranged” is nearly upon us. Well, for some of us, anyway. I don’t want to sound like a broken record or anything (too late), but yours truly will once again have to wait for a DVD release. Hopefully that won’t be too far down the road. The flick, in case you haven’t heard, explores what happens when a bizarre viral outbreak sweeps across South Korean. The picture’s viral campaign hasn’t been half bad, as evidenced by the clips embedded below. The more recent video shows what appears to be CCTV footage from a convenience store, where a woman is helping herself to some bottled water. Chaos eventually ensues. You know the drill.

Look for “Deranged” to arrive in US theaters on July 27th, 2012. If you’re curious to see if it’s playing somewhere near you, take a peek at this list of participating theaters.

CJ Entertainment has released two official English-subtitled trailers as well. Check them out below. – Nix

Via : Film Smash