Even The Threat Of Prison Can’t Slow Down Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is such a badass that even the threat of prison time can’t slow him down. He wants to make a movie about J. Edgar Hoover and Martin Luther King Jr., and now he has reportedly signed to star in “Master Daddy”. Despite the S&M sounding name, Snipes describes “Master Daddy” as “a multi-racial martial arts comedy that [is] the mutant offspring of ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ and ‘Meet the Parents’”. Sounds like an interesting proposition.

While there aren’t any other plot details, the cast is completely insane. Also set to appear in “Master Daddy” are Chuck Norris, Sonny Chiba, Sammo Hung, Tony Jaa, Ron Van Cleff, Anderson Silva, and Dan Inosanto. I want to thank “The Expendables” for making other genres want to collect all of their cinematic icons (and Anderson Silva?) in one place and causing fanboys to spontaneously orgasm. Seriously, this is a who’s who of martial arts ass kickers. Also, Rock Steady and Quest Crew will supposedly perform in the film. What?

Will this actually happen? Who knows? There is no director attached, but production is scheduled to begin soon, with a 2011 release. Maybe Snipes is just using “Master Daddy” as an excuse to assemble a crew of badasses to help him fight off the authorities when they finally come to drag him to jail. It’ll be like “Tropic Thunder”, the actors will think they’re filming a movie, but the whole thing is actually real.

No matter how “Master Daddy” turns out, I will watch this, repeatedly.