Ever Wanted to Smell Like Stan Lee?

Stan Lee Signature Cologne Box Art

No, really. For the low, low price of $24.99, you too can smell just like Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, who most of you non-comic book reading (but moviegoing) public will know as “that old dude who keeps popping up for seconds at a time in all those Marvel movies”. That’s Stan Lee, longtime Marvel Comics creator of pretty much every one of your favorite comic book superheroes.

Now you can be just like Stan! Or, at least, smell like him.

The product is being offered via BigBadBoyToy, and comes with this sales pitch:

Stan Lee Signature Cologne is a fresh and sophisticated fragrance for the adventurous with blends of bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil, and violet and features layers of cedar, vetiver and musk accords.

“Fans know me best as someone who creates superhero characters and stories for comics, movies, TV and the web, so this is a highly exciting step for me to expand into the cologne world as well,” said Stan Lee, Founder of POW! Entertainment. “Not only do I want fans to look sharp like their favorite superhero and their Generalissimo here, but I thought wouldn’t it fun to offer them the chance to smell like one to… whether they have a date or a rendezvous with an ally.”

In a million years I never once found myself wondering, “Gee, what would Stan Lee smell like?” Fortunately others have.


(Note: as far as I know, this is NOT a joke.)

Stan Lee Signature Cologne Box Art

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