Everybody Wants to Get into Iron Man’s Pants

Remember when Robert Downey Jr. was a boozing drunk and a sure-fire way to fubar a TV show or movie? Wow, those were the times, huh? Now Bob Downey, as his personal friends and guys who hide in bushes outside his house likes to call him, is big time, and that means everyone wants to work with him so they can go around town saying doofus things like, “Yeah, we’re doing a movie with Bob Downey”. According to the blokes at Entertainment Weekly, which I’m told is an actual legit movie site and not one of these barely literate fanboy sites that uses words like “like” and “dude” way too often, there are no less than three movies currently being offered to The Downey. Dude!

EW breaks it all down the way only they can, which is to say, just like everyone else:

In recent weeks, the 43-year old actor has had his eye on various projects, including Twentieth Century Fox’s Travis McGee (based on John D. MacDonald’s detective series), Warner Bros.’ Sherlock Holmes update from director Guy Ritchie, Gary Ross’ fantasy/comedy Dog Years at Universal, and, as previously reported by EW.com, Brett Ratner’s Hugh Hefner biopic, among others.

Yeah, I know, I can’t believe someone is actually giving Brett Ratner the Hugh Hefner bio pic, too. This guy should only be allowed to make movies about loud mouth black guys from the ghetto and barely understandable Chinese guys from Hong Kong trying to save the world from criminals and poorly delivered dialogue. What’s this world coming to?

But I digress.

My pick would be Bob Downey in Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”. Can you imagine Downey with a top hat and pipe and totally rocking that British accent? If nothing else, it’ll allow me to make punny post headlines like, “Downey Jr. Puts Watson in his Pipe and Smokes It” or something equally brilliant.

You can soon catch The Downey in “Tropic Thunder”, where he plays a white guy who gets surgery to play a black guy in a movie. The trailer looks like it should be pretty funny. That is, if you can get over your need to punch Ben Stiller in the face.

Tropic Thunder