Everyone Can Rest Easy: Paranormal Activity 2 Finally Has a Director

Have you and your family lost sleep over the fact that Paramount Pictures is having great difficulty finding a director for the follow-up to one of the worst horror movies in recent memory? Me, either. According to just about every website on the interconnecting web today, “The Door in the Floor” director Tod “Kip” Williams will replace Kevin Greutert as the commander-in-chief of “Paranormal Activity 2”. The announcement comes directly from the official “Paranormal Activity” website, so it’s gotta be 100% official, right? Producer Oren Peli seems pretty jazzed about the news, going as far as to say that “[Williams] knows exactly what we want to deliver to the fans.” I hope he’s talking about entertainment, an element which the first sorely lacked. In my opinion, of course.

“Paranormal Activity 2” will attempt to scare your timid little sister and her shrieking friends on October 22nd. “Kip” better get to work.