Everyone is Officially Back for Insidous Sequel

Insidious (2010) Movie PosterIt’s a good thing no one died in the first movie, huh? Because then the filmmakers of “Insidious 2”, since officially titled “Insidious Chapter 2” would have to resort to some silly explanation why a dead guy/gal was back for the sequel.

After the first movie made nearly $100 million from a miniscule $1.5 million dollar budget, you had to know the sequel would be coming sooner or later. Call it sooner, with production set to kick off next year on January, with everyone involved in the first movie back for the next chapter. (Although it was initially released in 2010, “Insidious” played the festival circuits for a long time before finally getting a theatrical release.)

Returning for “Insidious Chapter 2” are stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, the concerned parents of a young tyke (the also returning Ty Simpkins) who is being bothered by a demonic entity that wants to use the lad (who possesses psychic powers) to enter our world. Lin Shaye (as a medium) and Leigh Whannell, as one of the “ghost hunters” (as well as the film’s writer) will also return. Whannell, I’m guessing, as co-star and writer again.

And finally, James Wan will return to direct the sequel. (This will mean, of course, that Wan’s “MacGyver” movie will have to wait.)

No word on the plot of “Insidious Chapter 2”, but given the title and the returning cast, I think it’s safe to assume that the family hasn’t beaten their demonic problems just yet…

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson in Insidious (2010) Movie Image

Via : THR