Everyone Wants Steve Austin’s Package. And They’ll Kill to Get Their Hands on it, Too.

The Package (2013) Movie Poster

Including a silk robe wearing Dolph Lundgren, who despite what the poster above would lead you to belive, spends much of the movie trying to kill our domed hero played by Steve Austin. Or at least, that’s what I gathered from this trailer for “The Package”, which stars Austin as a fella with a dangerous particular set of skills that involves bashing dude’s chests in with one blow and the like. The film looks like good, harmless fun, one of those movies you can watch in one sitting and then never have to think about ever again. Everyone needs one of those once in a while, right?

THE PACKAGE features Austin as Tommy Wick, a nightclub bouncer and enforcer for Seattle crime boss Big Doug (Eric Keenleyside, Dreamcatcher, Firewall). When Big Doug instructs Tommy to hand-deliver a secret package to the mysterious international crime lord “The German,” (Lundgren), he does so with the hopes that Big Doug will forgive the debt Tommy’s brother Eddie (Lochlyn Munroe, White Chicks, Freddy vs. Jason) owes.

Word of the clandestine delivery spreads and soon “the package” — and those who carry it — becomes the target of rival gang leader Anthony (Michael Daingerfield, The Messengers). Anthony will stop at nothing to ensure its capture. Facing incredible odds, Tommy races against the ticking clock — and a small army of hit men, mercenaries, assassins and sadists — to complete delivery. But does The German have other ideas about what to do with the package?

Also starring Darren Shahlavi, Monique Ganderton, Jerry Trimble, Michael Daingerfield, Lochlyn Munro, and Mike Dopud.

Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, “The Package” arrives on Blu-ray™/DVD Combo Pack and DVD February 19th, 2013.