Evil Dead Producer Talks Musical, Sequel, and Remake

Why oh why would anyone want to remake “Evil Dead”? Apparently it’s all Sam Raimi’s fault. That’s the thing about Sam Raimi. I love the guy, I love his “Evil Dead” movies, and I think, when he really wants to make a great movie, he makes great movies (see “Spider-Man 2”). But Sam Raimi is also a businessman, and he doesn’t hesitate to make an easy buck when the opportunity presents itself. (Why are you coming back for two more “Spider-Man” movies again, Sam? Oh right. CHA-CHING!) So what about the continued adventures of Ash and his shotgun starring Bruce Campbell? Will we ever a see an “Evil Dead 4”? Maybe, maybe not. “Evil Dead” producer Robert Tapert breaks it down.

Via Sci-Fi Wire:

“There’s a guy [producer Don Carmody] who wants to make a musical out of it, a 3-D musical based on the one [Evil Dead: The Musical] that ran off-Broadway,” Tapert said in an interview. “And I still think that that’s the one I’d like to see greatly. Sam promises he’s going to do Evil Dead IV, with Bruce Campbell starring in it [as Ash], at some point in time. I just hope Bruce is still alive.”

As for the remake? “Sam and I have kicked that idea around, with Sam really being the person [pushing for it] over Bruce’s objections and kind of my going, ‘Why?'” Tapert said. “It was a movie that nobody saw theatrically, and it was meant to be a theatrical experience. If we could get some young filmmaker to go and say, ‘I can make this far better than Sam did,’ we should let him go and try. Sam is the one who keeps saying, ‘We should do that,’ and I’m the one too busy and somewhat too reluctant and lazy to really fully enable Sam to get it done.”

I could live with the musical. Mind you, I’m not going to see it but a remake? A Remake???? Damn, Sam, why you gotta be that way, man? If you don’t want to make a sequel, just let it go. Don’t FUCK UP MY CHILDHOOD with an unnecessary remake, you hear me?

Below: This is what Ash things of your remake idea, Sam.