Evil Dead Remake is Like the TV Show Intervention … With Demons

Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II (1987) Movie Image

Or at least, that’s the impression I got from what Bloody-Disgusting is reporting.

The site has gotten more information on the plot for the upcoming remake of “Evil Dead’, and although much of the remake will stay true to the original (friends go to a remote cabin, encounter demon shenanigans), there will now be some extra additions. This time around, the hero (we assume his name will still be Ash) is not going to the cabin for fun and games, but instead taking his drug-addicted sister there to help her kick the habit.

Without her drugs she becomes insane and difficult to control, which makes it impossible to see that she’s actually possessed.

Speaking of possession, one of the friends will now read the infamous Book of the Dead instead of the unseen professor, who left reading of said book on a recording that when re-played, unleashes the undead in the woods.

Eh, not too big detours. BD isn’t too thrilled about the changes, but I can get behind the drug addiction stuff. It would bring a more somber tone to the film and make it less campy. With Diablo Cody scripting, I was afraid it might become overly campy. People might not realize this, but while the later “Evil Dead” sequels went for laughs and giggles (I mean, they really, REALLY went for laughs and giggles), the first one was a pretty straight horror film, though admittedly you can get some hidden chuckles out of it, especially in light of the sequels.

Fede Alvarez will direct the remake from Cody’s script.