Evil Feed (2013) Movie Review

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It doesn’t take much effort to guess what’s on the menu in “Evil Feed”, an over the top cannibal gore comedy-martial arts hybrid directed by stuntman and stunt co-ordinator Kimani Ray Smith, known for his work on the likes of “Watchmen”, “X-Men”, and other Hollywood blockbusters. Having made the short “Suffer” back in 2011, the film marks Smith’s feature debut, and sees him going the full-on splatter route with a bloody tale that really lets the red stuff fly while packing in plenty of low-brow humour and cheap titillation, all in the worst possible taste.

The sketchy plot revolves around the aptly named Long Pig Restaurant, where the customers dine on human flesh while watching death matches beamed live from the “Pit of Gore” in the basement. Mad owner Steven (Terry Chen, “House of Cards”) and his equally psychotic assistant Yuki (Alyson Bath, “Bounty Hunters”) find themselves with their hands full when the feisty Jenna (Laci J Mailey) turns up looking for her missing fighter father, MMA boyfriend Nash (Sebastian Gacki) and his friends in tow, while a rival cannibal restaurant owner called Madame Dragonfly shows up trying to get her hands on the old family secret recipe.

Evil Feed (2013) Movie Image

It’s pretty obvious that with “Evil Feed” Kimani Ray Smith is aiming for cult film, midnight madness appeal, as well as trying to cover as many exploitation bases as possible. Although the film is in many ways a mess, lacking any kind of cohesiveness or genuine wit or creativity, he doesn’t do too bad a job, and there’s a fair amount here to be enjoyed by unfussy viewers looking for a bit of scuzzy genre fun – ideally after more than a few beers. Smith certainly seems to have a good idea of what makes this kind of film tick, throwing in pretty much non-stop gore, dismemberment and torture, with faces getting pulled off, entrails being spilled, and brains and assorted body parts being devoured indiscriminately.

The fight scenes help to make for a slightly different feel, and though the choreography isn’t anything to write home about, Smith at least manages to make the at times ridiculous bouts suitably brutal, the fighters generally meeting predictably nasty ends. The production values similarly give things a boost, being comfortably above average for this end of the cinematic spectrum, and the special effects are solid enough to make for some amusing money shots.

Evil Feed (2013) Movie Image

Where the film might lose some of its audience is through its high camp sense of humour, the gags coming as thick and fast as the gore, if not more so, and the cast all turning in weirdly manic performances. The script has its mind very much in the gutter – ongoing jokes about the house special, ‘dicky roll’, and characters with names like ‘Phat Phuk’ should give an accurate idea of what to expect. Though some of the comedy is beyond lame (perhaps purposefully so, not that it particularly matters), for some viewers this’ll be just fine, and the film comes across at times as a hyperactive mix of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1963 schlock classic “Blood Feast”, “Hostel” and late 1980s martial arts cheese like “Bloodsport” and “Kickboxer”.

This should be taken as a recommendation for some and as a warning for others because “Evil Feed” definitely isn’t a film for all genre fans. Mixing everything from torture and MMA brawling to slapstick and sleaze, it should go down well enough with those in tune with its groan-worthy gags. To his credit, for all the silliness and shoddiness, Kimani Ray Smith has made a reasonably solid debut.

Kimani Ray Smith (director) / Aaron Au, Kimani Ray Smith, Jana Mitsoula (screenplay), Ryan Nicholson (story)
CAST: Laci J Mailey … Jenna
Terry Chen … Steven
Alain Chanoine … Tyrone
Alyson Bath … Yuki
Derek Gilroy … Brian
Bishop Brigante … Carlos

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