Ewan McGregor Will Menace Natalie Portman in Indie Western Jane Got a Gun

Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman in Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) Movie Image

It’s a “Star Wars” prequel reunion! Ewan McGregor, young (or, er, younger) Obi-Wan Kenobi himself, will be re-teaming with Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala) on Portman’s indie Western “Jane Got a Gun”. The troubled shoot recently lost its villain, though not for long, with McGregor in talks to take over.

McGregor will be the fourth actor to come onboard the Western to play the film’s villain. Original villain Joel Edgerton has since moved over to playing the hero (replacing Michael Fassbender), with Jude Law then taking over the bad guy role. Law left when original director Lynne Ramsay left, and was replaced by Bradley Cooper. Cooper has now flown the coop as well, leaving an open space for McGregor.

You get all that? Good.

“Jane Got a Gun” would star Portman (who is also producing) as the spunky wife of an ex-outlaw who returns home all shot to hell. (“The American’s” Noah Emmerich will play the hubby.) In order to save her family and her ranch (and of course, her husband), Portman’s Jane gets help from an unlikely source — her ex-lover, played by Edgerton. The two prepare the farm for an impending attack by the husband’s former gang, now led by McGregor. If, that is, he signs on and doesn’t split before the contract dries, too.

“Warrior” director Gavin O’Connor is behind the camera after taking over for Ramsay, who skedaddled on the first day of shooting.

Via : Deadline