Excited for Tron Legacy? You May be the Only One…

I’m a sci-fi nut, but for some reason, Joseph Kosinski’s “Tron: Legacy” doesn’t have me wobbly in my sci-fi nerd/geek boots. I don’t know what it is, though I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I did not grow up with the original “Tron” way back in 1982, so honestly, I’m looking at it more as another cool looking sci-fi movie instead of something I’ve been waiting 30 years for. Apparently I’m not the only one, because according to THR, the pre-release tracking for the film is looking decidedly lukewarm.

The 3D sci-fi film has been marketed heavily for months en route to its Dec. 17 bow, and many have been suggesting a big opening and leggy theatrical run based on built-in interest from the cult base of its 1982 predecessor. But at this point, tracking suggests Tron: Legacy with as little as $35 million.

Technically a sequel, Tron: Legacy references characters and events from the original Tron in a tale that occurs years later. But its $200 million production heft alone puts the 3D romp squarely in the category of movie reboot — the first picture cost just $17 million to produce — and an opening well north of $50 million would seem necessary to put the picture on a path to profitability.

An exec at a rival studio said he believes it would be wrong to sell Tron: Legacy short just yet, suggested an opening of at least $50 million remains possible.

Also not looking so hot is Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie’s “The Tourist”, but that movie didn’t cost $200 million, so it’s got plenty of room for error. “Legacy” does not, given the high cost of production and the massive amounts the studio is throwing into promotion. At the end of the day, this thing may end up costing Disney over $300 at least.

Disney better hope there are plenty of guys like this out there…