Exit Humanity Enters DVD and VOD June 19th

Mark Gibson in Exit Humanity (2011) Movie Image

“Exit Humanity” isn’t the first Cowboys and Zombies movies, of course, but this might be the first one that took the subject seriously. Or as seriously as you can take it when you’ve got cowboys with six-shooters battling the undead, I guess. John Geddes’ film looks promising enough, though, and it arrives on DVD and Video on Demand this June 19th, 2012 courtesy of Bloody Disgusting Selects. Check out a new trailer (below) and DVD cover art (to your left) for the film.

In the aftermath of the Civil War an unexplained outbreak of the walking dead claims the life of Edward Young’s wife while his son disappears. This sets him off on a harrowing journey into the plagued countryside. Facing off challenges not just from the ferocious undead but also from the living, will Edward find an exit to the grotesque caricature of what humanity has become? The War might be over but the fight has just begun.

Starring Mark Gibson, Jordan Hayes, Bill Moseley, Adam Seybold and Dee Wallace.

Exit Humanity (2011) Movie DVD Cover