Exit the Dragon, Enter the Transporter: Nationality, Eroticism and Homosexuality in the American Martial Arts Film.

So a few years back I did a Master’s course at University on Cult Film.  The culmination of this was a 20,000 word dissertation.  I decided that I would write it on American Martial Arts Films because, well, you know, I like American martial Arts films.  Since then, it’s just been sitting here on my computer gathering cyber-dust, so I figured I’d put it out there for anyone who fancies reading an in-depth exploration of films that don’t usually get an in-depth exploration.

So if you’re a bit bored and want to read me waffle on about Van Damme, Billy Blanks and Isaac Florentine – then you can download POSSIBLY THE BEST THESIS YOU WILL EVER READ below.

Also, one marker gave it full marks, so it’s fucking good ok?


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Gary enjoys films with explosions, fighting, giant robots, sex scenes, swearing, monsters and Eric Roberts - or what can more commonly be termed, 'shit'. He is an expert (by default) on films that nobody else watches and his favourite movie is Transformers - although he is aware lots of people watched that.

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