Expendables Poised to Blow up Weekend Box Office

Godawful editing aside, Stallone’s “The Expendables” was nevertheless a pretty damn good time at the theaters. How could you not feel like a school boy in a candy store while watching the film? I know I did, but that may be because I was actually wearing a schoolboy uniform while watching it, but that’s another story.

Current box office numbers have “The Expendables” taking Friday with an estimated $13.5 million, which is good news because the film was always expected to make around $30 million in its first week thanks to some excellent advance tracking in terms of moviegoing awareness and enthusiasm. Looks like all that insider stuff actually works. With $13.5 already in the bank, and Saturday and Sunday still to come, the manly blow’em up should easily make, if not surpass its predicted $30 million-or-so take. Get ready to hear even more talk of an “Expendables 2”.

Julia Roberts’ chick flick to end all chick flicks, “Eat Pray Love” came in second with $9 million, while Edgar Wright’s fanboy-friendly “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” barely managed the Top 5 (coming in at #4) with a measly $4.7 million on Friday. The film got great reviews, and pretty much everyone who saw it adored the hell out of it (including our very own Todd Rigney — read his review here). Alas, all that love does not seem to have translated into any type of box office sugar for the comic book movie. Weep, fanboys, weep.

The final tallies on Sunday should tell the tale, but “The Expendables” seems poised to take the weekend unless the chicks flock en masse to see “Eat Pray Love” on Saturday and Sunday, which is entirely possible. Who can truly understand what chicks do the things they do? It’s like asking why they always go to the bathroom together. Who knows?

Oh yeah, what guy wouldn't want to watch Julia Roberts stuff her big mouth with pizza. That's just hot, man.