Explosions Rock a New Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer, Spin-Off Show is a Go

Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead Season 5

I get the feeling Rick and co. aren’t going to stay locked up in those train cars pass what, two episodes into the upcoming season? I mean, it’s gonna get pretty dang boring if they’re cooked up in there for more than one episode. You gotta figure that sooner or later, those walkers are gonna show up and it’s every man for himself.

Until we find out how they escape their captivity, take a gander at the latest trailer for “The Walking Dead” Season 5, along with a few new images to keep you tied over until the show returns this October 12th.

And oh, just before the weekend, AMC announced that it had greenlit its companion series to “The Walking Dead.” Aka the show about zombies and the people trying not to get eaten, but not named Rick and co.

The cable net announced Fall date to shoot the pilot, but declines to tell us who will be starring, or where it’ll be set, or even what it’ll be about. I mean, yes, it’ll be about the zombie apocalypse, but what’s the, you know, twist? It can’t just be about another group of survivors, right? Wouldn’t that be kind of redundant with Rick and co. still running around out there?

Anyhoos. Here are some new images from the upcoming season of “The Walking Dead”: