Explosive Trailer for Dante Lam’s Old-School Actioner Fire of Conscience

Fire of Conscience (2010) Movie Image

Tired of those limp-wristed police procedural yarns and plot-twisty thrillers streaming out of China these days? You and me both, pal. Thankfully, Director Dante Lam’s upcoming action epic “Fire of Conscience” has a very snazzy old-school feel to it: guns are blazing, people are exploding, and the presentation is gritty and suitably unpolished. The story chronicles the adventures of a decorated narcotics agent and a rough-and-tumble cop as they join forces to stop murder, madness, and corruption from spreading throughout the entire Hong Kong police force. Subplots and hidden agendas abound, though from what I can tell, the picture seems to be pretty straightforward. Refreshing? Definitely.

“Fire of Conscience” opens in Hong Kong on April 1st, so plan your spring break accordingly. The trailer embedded below is ready and willing to serve your entertainment needs.