Extended 4-Minute Comic Con Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 3

Chandler Riggs in THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

A new video from the land of “The Walking Dead” is always cause for rejoicing, since the show just puts out good stuff every season. The full-length 4-minute Season 3 trailer that was revealed to the Comic Con crowd this week? Well that’s naturally great stuff. See? Who says you have to brave the legion of unwashed “Twilight” fangirls just to see something good? Here you are, just sitting at home, probably with a bag of Cheetos all splashed about your keyboard, and voila, a 4-minute extended trailer for “The Walking Dead” Season 3 just ends up and falls into your lap. Aren’t you the lucky one?

Andrew Lincoln returns as Rick Grimes, leading survivors that include Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, IronE Singleton, Laurie Holden and Norman Reedus. New faces will be led by Danai Gurira as the sword-slingin’ Michonne and David Morrissey as the Governor.

It sure looks like The Governor shows up early, too. I thought they might try to tease his appearance in the early goings and not actually show him until mid-season or thereabouts, since he’s such a vital character in the “Walking Dead” mythos, but it appears they’re going to jump right into it with both feet. Kinda brave, that, though I’m not sure if it might not be a mistake…

Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” returns on AMC this October 14, 2012.