Extended Fan Trailer for DragonBall Z – Saiyan Saga Fights its Way Online

Dragonball Z Fan Trailer

I don’t know much about “DragonBall Z”. There was that movie with Chow Yun Fat a few years back that a lot of people really, really hated. I mean, really really hated. I’ve never seen so much hate for a movie since the film “Please Hate Us and We’ll Give You Money: The Movie” came out about two decades ago. I did play a “DragonBall Z” game once on the PS3 that was kind of fun, if a tad repetitive.

All that is to say, I haven’t a clue if this fan-made extended trailer for “DragonBall Z – Saiyan Saga” is faithful to the comics/anime/games/franchise or not. (See, I don’t even know the difference between just standard “DragonBall Z” and “DragonBall Z – Saiyan Saga”.) But it sure looks like directors Harry and George Kirby, who also did pretty much everything else on the production (probably catering and laundry, too), know their stuff.

The short could probably have used a little variety in terms of location, but I guess when you’re working with a limited budget, your choices are a tad limited. I’m not sure if this is meant to entice someone to give them the go-ahead (and the budget) to make a real “DragonBall Z” film, but if it is, it’s a pretty darn good try.

For more cast and crew info on the trailer, see here. Meanwhile, watch the short/extended fan trailer for yourself below.