Extended Preview Trailer for the CW’s Cult

Matthew Davis and Jessica Lucas in CULT - Episode 1.01 - You're Next

It’s a conspiracy TV crime show about a fictional TV crime show filled with conspiracies. Meta!

Hailing from Rockne S. O’Bannon (of “Farscape” fame), the CW’s new show “Cult” is one of those TV shows that you don’t see existing on any other network but the CW. Hell, it’s got Alona Tal as a cop, for God’s sake. (Granted, it’s a cop character on a TV show within the TV show, but still, Alona Tal? The pretty blonde girl who looks like she’s 17?)

The show also stars Matthew Davis and Jessica Lucas as a pair of sleuths investigating a string of mysterious deaths and disappearances surrounding the show-within-a-show of the title, “Cult”. Robert Knepper (T-Bag from “Prison Break” himself) co-stars as the star of the TV show. His character is apparently super nice offscreen but a real evil bastard onscreen.

You can check out an extended 3-three preview of the show below. “Cult” premieres February 18, 2013 on the CW.

As an aside, I was kind of hoping the show would feature aliens or something. I mean, this is Rockne S. O’Bannon, the man who gave us one of the best sci-fi shows, like, ever, but nope. This looks like a pretty straight CW crime show. Oh well.