Extended Trailer for Fox’s Batmanless Batman TV Show Gotham


Ben McKenzie and David Mazouz in Gotham

So: will you watch a TV show about Batman that doesn’t have Batman in it? What you do get, apparently, is the chance to see Batman when he was a little kid, before he grew up and put on the cape and cowl and prowled the streets of Gotham City. Hey, it worked for the “Star Wars” prequels. Remember how everyone loved seeing Darth Vader when he was a kid? (That worked out great!)

As an additional incentive, you also get to see a bunch of people who will one day fill out Batman’s Rogues Gallery before they actually become bad guys. Like a kid Catwoman, a kid Poison Ivy, some weird looking dude who will become the Riddler and the other weird looking dude who will become the Penguin.

Until then, it’s about Gordon and cops fighting the mob! Including Will Smith’s wife, apparently.

Yeah. I dunno. I wasn’t sold on this show when I first heard the premise and now that I’ve seen footage from it, this looks like a one-year-and-done to me. And it’s on Fox, too, which like doubles the one-year-and-done chances by, what, 50 percent?

But hey, judge for yourself with a 2-minute extended trailer for “Gotham.” The show premieres this Fall on FOX.

Starring David Mazouz as a young Bruce Wayne and Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, along with Sean Pertwee, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Camren Bicondova.

Author: Nix

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  • JoeSchmoe

    are you forgetting about smallvilles 10. year run?

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

      Not even remotely in the same universe. If you want to compare Gotham to Smallville, it would be as if they made a TV show about Pa Kent on the farm, with little baby Superman.

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        I was always shocked they were able to drag that out so long. Plus they should’ve changed the name to Metropolis once he moved. Gotham at least has a history and is almost it’s own character. And there are lots of others to bring in like Leslie Thompkins and Lucious Fox

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    To me this could really be something good. The fact that you’re calling it a Batmanless, Batman, show is kinda burying it before it gets the chance. Yes it’s in the universe, but Gotham City is it’s own entity. This show can actually show that the city was far from safe before Batman appeared. Gotham City has a rich and tangled history and I’m hoping that’s what they focus on besides pushing forward with the formative years of Bruce Wayne. The Wayne murders should play a central piece to the first arc, or season but the corruption of the city should be more of the focus. This could be a good crime noir show.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Nix

      Dude, no one cares about Gotham City. There’s a reason there are 5 billion Batman comic books with “Batman” in the title and what, 1 or 2 with “Gotham” in the title?

      • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

        LOL. And yet those 1 or 2 still keep coming back. I won’t say that everyone will be interested but there’s probably more out there than you think. As long as they make the focus the crime, and corruption of the city and not who certain characters will eventually become, the show can be a really good crime noir show. Yeah give me glimpses of Edward Nygma’s penchant for puzzles, but concentrate on what connections pushed him towards the riddler, not his journey. Show me how Cobblepot has an affinity for birds, but is also a criminal genius with aspirations of running Gotham’s underground. Show me just how far Police corruption has taken hold in the city. And something like this, should actually do some time jumps. Season two would be like 5 years later.

        • Aegon the Conqueror

          If done correctly I’d watch the crap out of this thing! The trailer got me excited, yes Batman is cool but he just wouldn’t be the same without the Gotham setting. That’s probably why I could never get into the other “batmans” like Nightwing. I tried I swear I did but yeah.

          • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

            Exactly. Gotham MAKES Batman. Because GOTHAM makes these criminals.
            However I do have to disagree with the “Other” Batmen comment. Nightwing is awesome. His time in Bludhaven was one of the best runs in comics for him. But for the most I agree. I love Moon Knight but NYC as crazy as the Marvel version just never had the personality Gotham has (but the new series is making up for that by giving him his own unique niche playground of NYC to play in).

          • Aegon the Conqueror

            I don’t see Nightwing as another Batman, he’s got too much of his own thing going on, same with Red Robin, I love Red Robin!
            I mean like Casandra Cain, Batwoman, Batgirl, Nightwing etc.
            You know the obvious bat alikes.

          • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

            Yeah definitely.

  • Anubis

    What they should do is do this first year with the kid struggling with his parents death then at the end of the season flash forward to right before he leaves to go train and have him in his late teens or so graduating college early cuz he’s a genius. Then have Bruce return in his mid 20’s putting his skills to work but struggling how to figure out how to fight crime on the big picture scale. They could do small flashbacks of him learning techniques with his various instructors while he was gone that apply to the present situation. He can’t go full Batman because he doesn’t have the money, because his parents have it all locked away in a trust fund that doesn’t kick in till a certain age. All the while have Gordan trying to hunt this mystery vigilante while solving noir type mob crimes along the way.

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      That’d work too, but if that’s the case that should be like third season. Build the city up more, and the criminals, and the threats. Show Gordon basically drowning in corruption, and Bullock having been taken out at the end of the seconds season. That would basically put Gordon alone, and the whole vigilante thing leads him to starting to trust this guy. But even then there should only be the once in a blue moon sighting of him. NO flashbacks to training though. I had that in my original idea for something like this called “THe Bruce Wayne Chronicles,” but that was BEFORE Nolan. So if they do the flashbacks there shouldn’t be a lot of them. Bruce should be a secondary character, and everyone else taking center stage. Show me how Alfred and Lucious are holding things down, while Roland Dagget attempts to take over Wayne Industries. There is a lot in the comics too, about the major families of Gotham they could use too

      • Aegon the Conqueror

        I’d actually enjoy it if in later seasons his travels around the world and training under various masters becomes a subplot. Also I’m interested in Bruce the Almighty student and serial master degree-er.

        • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

          I can see that, but only in later seasons. I really want this show to be about what makes this city so messed up, even before people like the Joker showed up.

    • cklambo

      Should of just made a batman tv series (like Arrow). They already said batman is not gonna appear anytime soon.

  • schnydz

    Nice logo. I like the bat reflection in the water. But, definitely on the fence with this one. Could be good or just a drawn out soap opera with no closure. Which could get annoying.