Extended Trailer for Fox’s Batmanless Batman TV Show Gotham

Ben McKenzie and David Mazouz in Gotham

So: will you watch a TV show about Batman that doesn’t have Batman in it? What you do get, apparently, is the chance to see Batman when he was a little kid, before he grew up and put on the cape and cowl and prowled the streets of Gotham City. Hey, it worked for the “Star Wars” prequels. Remember how everyone loved seeing Darth Vader when he was a kid? (That worked out great!)

As an additional incentive, you also get to see a bunch of people who will one day fill out Batman’s Rogues Gallery before they actually become bad guys. Like a kid Catwoman, a kid Poison Ivy, some weird looking dude who will become the Riddler and the other weird looking dude who will become the Penguin.

Until then, it’s about Gordon and cops fighting the mob! Including Will Smith’s wife, apparently.

Yeah. I dunno. I wasn’t sold on this show when I first heard the premise and now that I’ve seen footage from it, this looks like a one-year-and-done to me. And it’s on Fox, too, which like doubles the one-year-and-done chances by, what, 50 percent?

But hey, judge for yourself with a 2-minute extended trailer for “Gotham.” The show premieres this Fall on FOX.

Starring David Mazouz as a young Bruce Wayne and Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, along with Sean Pertwee, Donal Logue, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Camren Bicondova.