Extended TV Trailer for Up in the Air

up-in-the-airBack during the Toronto International Film Festival, Roger Ebert called Jason Reitman the hope of cinema. I imagine much of what he meant is that Reitman is one of those filmmakers who represents the convergence of popular entertainment with artistic, emotional, smart, character-driven movie-going. The new trailer for Up in the Air likewise sings very similar praises: “It’s everything that Hollywood has forgotten how to do,”  one critic says, while other critics laud the film with typical platitudes. It even varnishes the Ebert quote for good effect.

I said once that the trailers for Reitman movies are very cute and funny and heart-felt, but the real heart of the films are in the careful way in which Reitman establishes his characters. It’s a real joy to watch, and Up in the Air definitely looks like one of his best. With the release of the film approaching, Apple now has the newest trailer on the site. A lot of it has been seen before, but there are a few extended parts contained within. Up in the Air will receive a wide release on December 25th, 2009.