Extra Ninja Behind-the-Scenes Goodness from Scott Adkins’ Ninja

Some new images and a new, 6-minute behind-the-scenes look at the making of Scott Adkins’ “Ninja”, featuring cast interviews and additional footage not seen before. Plus, the girls express their appreciation of Scott Adkins’ hunkiness, while there are some new ninja action for the boys. Mind you, I’m not saying some of you boys can’t also appreciate Scott Adkins’ hunkiness. Ahem.

Directed by Isaac Florentine, the film stars Scott Adkins as our ninja hero, Tsuyoshi Ihara as our ninja villain, Mika Hijii as our spry Japanese love interest, Todd Jensen as our befuddled New York cop. They are joined by Togo Igawa, Garrick Hagon, Miles Anderson, Valentin Ganev , Kenji Motomiya, and Nikolai Sotirov.

Via Scott Adkins Fanz and the “Ninja” YouTube channel. This is apparently the first of 3 behind-the-scenes featurette. We’ll add them here as they’re added to the channel.

Behind-the-Scenes: Part 1

Behind-the-Scenes: Part 2

Behind-the-Scenes: Part 3