Extremely Nifty Collection of Minimalist Comic Book Character Portraits


One of the things I love the most about the Internet is the rampant availability of extremely cool, independently-produced artwork. Sure, some of it is utterly worthless, but a lot of times you’ll stumble across a batch of outstanding pieces that deserve some much-needed attention. The boys and girls over at Geek Tyrant stumbled on a large collection minimalist comic book character portraits, all of which were created by a man by the name of Andres Romero. You can check out his work over at Deviant Art by embarking on an adventure to this location.

Got a second to kill? Why not browse through the portraits embedded below.

Author: Todd Rigney

Todd was raised on a steady diet of Hollywood blockbusters, late-night Cinemax programming, and USA’s “Up All Night,” which may explain why his taste in movies is more than a little questionable. When he isn’t providing news and reviews for Beyond Hollywood, he can be found lounging lazily on his couch, perched in front of his television, or dwelling in places where direct sunlight can be easily avoided. He's happily married, in his 30's, and totally badass. If you'd like to reach Todd, you can follow him on Twitter or send him email/scoops to todd (at) beyondhollywood.com.
  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    These are awesome! I love how some are inspired by the comics, and others by cartoons. Like the Wasp, is clearly based on the EMH cartoon, and the Batman characters are based on B:TAS except Nightwing

  • Logan

    I’m not sure if I’m impressed or depressed about the fact that I knew 98% of the characters up there…

    • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

      LOL Kinda hard not to really. Except maybe one or two, but pop culture today in movies and such has introduced us to most if not all the characters. Sent on the go!

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  • Ironfist fan# Rogernator5000

    I want Iron fist and Giantman please