F. Gary Gray is the Frontrunner to Direct Kane and Lynch

“The Italian Job”, “A Man Apart”, and “The Negotiator”. What do those three movies have in common? They’re all pretty decent action films, but you would never mistaken them for great action films. If you needed a competent action director, you could probably do a lot worst than F. Gary Gray, who directed all three previously mentioned films. Of course, you could also do a lot better, but failing that, you could always do worst. F. Gary Gray, like his name, is kind of a no-frills director, but he does get the job done. In that respect, he’s somewhat a less prominent version of Brett Ratner, though minus the seething fanboy hate that follows the Ratman around like geeks on costumed girls at a comic book convention.

THR reports that F. Gary Gray is currently the frontrunner to take over directing reins on the videogame movie “Kane and Lynch”, which is set up over at Nu Image/Millennium with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx attached to star. If Gary does sign on, this would be the second film he’s worked on with Foxx, who co-starred (along with Gerard Butler) on Gary’s “Law Abiding Citizen” last year, yet another good, but not great movie.

“Kane and Lynch” follows Kane (Willis), a death row inmate on his way to certain death when he’s busted out by his former gang, now in search of the group’s stashed fortunes. As leverage, the bad guys have absconded with Kane’s family. Foxx would play Lynch, a fellow death row inmate with a couple of screws loose, who comes along for the ride.

Simon Crane was initially supposed to direct the movie, but he’s since lost the gig. Gary has emerged as the leading candidate, rising above fellow would-be directors Wayne Kramer and Roger Donaldson.

Now picture one of these gun-toting psychos with a darker tan...