Facebook Flirting Gets Murderous in XOXO

Facebook is Watching YouOh, Facebook. Is there anything you can’t do? Help employees waste an unGodly number of hours when they’re supposed to be working? Check. Stalking your ex from high school or college? Double check. Checking up on your kids to make sure they’re not sending nudie shots of themselves to strangers posing as 15-year old girls? Triple check!

That and more will apparently take place in the thriller “XOXO”, a spec script from “Black Swan” writer Mark Heyman that Lionsgate has now set “The Adjustment Bureau” writer/director George Nolfi to oversee a rewrite by Heyman and eventually direct. What does it mean that he’s going to “oversee” it? I’m guessing he’ll stand over Heyman’s shoulder muttering suggestions and such. Or possibly not.

“XOXO” will follow an “on-the-rise exec who’s engaged to be married but enjoys flirting online. He meets an alluring woman on Facebook and the two begin a virtual relationship, but the Internet romance begins seeping into the protag’s actual life in a deadly way.”

And since online flirting is fun for the two people doing it (or three or four, for you kinky types out there) but is dreadfully dull to “watch” take place for everyone else, the plan is for Nolfi and company to shoot the film using “stylized visual sequences” (whatever that means) in order to “make the online interactions more cinematic”.

So what, no cheap Sims looking people chatting in a sparse living room made of pixels? Bummer.

The Sims Game Image

Via : Variety