Faith-Based Left Behind Series Headed to the Big Screen

Left Behind Novel CoverThe “Left Behind” films, based on the series of novels by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, originally surfaced in 2001 starring Kirk Cameron (of “Growing Pains”) fame, and ended with a trilogy of movies. The films were mostly low-budget affairs, with more ambition than actual resources. Still, I thought they were decent films, even if I don’t share any of the religious beliefs that the films were obviously selling. (FYI: I am not Christian; I have never been Christian, and I will never be a Christian.)

But if you were a fan of those original direct-to-DVD movies, get ready for more “Left Behind” post-apocalyptic goodness on the big screen, because writer/producer Paul Lalonde (one of the filmmakers behind the original trilogy) is back with a new version, this one geared more towards the Disaster Film genre. But, obviously, with the same religious/Christian angle.

To that end, Lalonde and John Patus, who worked on the final entry in the trilogy, 2005’s “World at War”, are currently shopping a script at the American Film Market.

The idea is to make a new film (presumably the first of a trilogy) in the $15 million dollar range. Still chump change by Hollywood standards. Hell, Johnny Depp’s “The Rum Diary”, about a drunk in Puerto Rico, cost $50 million to make, for God’s sake. And the “Left Behind” movies are essentially post-apocalyptic films, with world wars and end-of-the-world stuff that happens once all the “good Christians” have been shot up into Heaven via the Rapture, leaving only us sinners behind. Thus, the “left behind” of the title. That sucks, no doubt, but on the plus side — plenty of parking space! And think of the shorter lines at the post office…

Here’s the thing: If I had money, I’d invest in these films. Why? Because they’re guaranteed money-makers. Every low-budget Christian film has made money, not because they feature big stars or fancy special effects or what have you, but because of the grassroots campaign to see them. I bet a big-budget Christian-themed film would make a nice chunk of change from the usual Christian moviegoers, along with Joe Blow just looking for a good time at the movies.

Maybe they can get Kirk Cameron back. He’s pretty popular with Christian folks…

Via : Heat Vision