Family Guy Does Star Wars Poster and 10-Minute Video Preview

Fox’s “Family Guy” TV show is kind of my guilty pleasure. On the one hand it makes me laugh, but on the other hand I know it’s a really, really stupid show tied together with totally pointless skits (see the recent South Park episode “Cartoon Wars” for more information). But then again, like I said, it DOES make me laugh, so I’m kind of onboard whatever it is show creator/writer (and the voice of Peter) Seth MacFarlane wants to do, including a 1-hour “Star Wars” parody for its upcoming season premiere. It’s interesting that George Lucas himself has given MacFarlane his blessing, since Georgie is usually, well, kinda anal about people making fun of his movies.

In any case, someone was at the recent Star Wars convention and videotaped the 10-minute preview of the Family Guy Star Wars special that was shown there (you gotta love the Bush/Cheney bumper sticker gag).

And here’s a faux poster for the episode:

Family Guy Does Star Wars Poster